Using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to capture sporting events is now more popular than ever. Camera drones, once considered just a fad, continue to revolutionize the way videographers cover action sports.

As technology makes way for easy to fly, quiet and safe drones to enter into mainstream use, drone pilots are venturing into new areas, such as action sports.

Using Motion Tracking Technology to Enhance the Experience

Can you imagine filming with a drone camera that follows you everywhere you go? Well, this innovative invention promises plenty of potential for shooting action sports athletes.
Drone action cinematography
Drone action cinematography
When you shoot with a drone camera that follows a special subject by locking on a specified moving target, you are capable of capturing some of the most unique angles and shots that provide an immersive view of the sport.

By using sensors and software that enables the device to lock in on specific objects, you can create creative video and photo elements while capturing the true spirit of the athletes. Whether you are covering a snowboarding event or filming a surfing competition, hi-tech maneuverability options and inventive features give you a detailed but stable view of the athlete.

What Drones Can Do?

From capturing marathon steps to shooting BMX cycle races, drones produce stunning visuals that make the viewer feel as if he’s participating in the event with other athletes. You don’t just create a different way to present your footage. You craft a unique experience that lets everyone enjoy the thrill and excitement of action sports.

Drones defy physical limitations and that’s exactly what action sports athletes love to do. For that reason, drones can film pretty much everything. Open waters, mountain tracks, cliffs, roaring ocean waves, drones are ideal for shooting athletes engaged in action sports flawlessly.
LA Surfers drone photo
Los Angeles Surfing Drone Photo
Since drones mimic the way we move and are also able to follow, they don’t just convey visuals but feelings. Naturally, the revolutionary technology is all set to transform the way we cover and watch sports.

Feel the bicycle riders pulling and surfers paddling into a wave to get the actual feeling of the height, speed, distance, and the strength of the athletes.

Capture a unique Perspective

Traditional cameras either need to be locked in to one position or be mounted to a complicated series of wires, booms, or other movable equipment such as cars and tracks. With drones you can not only fly to where the action is, but also move above and around obstacles such as trees, overpasses, and always capture the best angle possible giving the viewer a unique perspective of everything at once. Combing this with traditional ground equipment creates a cinematic effect that previously would take entire crews and tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve.

The future of filming

No other professional camera can communicate the spontaneity of action sport. While drones excel at this stuff, some of them most hi-tech models capture every distinct movement.

Drones provide a bird’s eye view of a football field, a surfing venue or a marathon event. Event organizers and sports companies can benefit from the technology to create stunning aerial visuals or take shots close to ground, without disturbing athletes or affecting their performance.

Drones allow us to create natural things and defy gravity to capture footage from unique angles. Since these hi-tech devices are widely available in all specs, you can easily find the best drone for covering all action sports. Drone cameras are convenient and portable videography devices which transform conventional ways of covering events. This technology can also help us study particular behaviors of successful athletes to figure out their personal style.
When it comes to film making, everyone can agree that amazing cinematography is one of the strategies that can make a movie successful. Whether it’s an action movie or a documentary film, every video can take viewers into its world when produced using the right techniques. Specifically, every film that contains various shots in each sequence is undoubtedly more engaging to viewers. In other words, video shots play a crucial role to make your film a blockbuster hit. When it’s about video shots, many filmmakers are incorporating aerial shots in movies, which certainly make a film more captivating. Wondering how? Well, when you shoot from sky height, it captures every bit of detail that a place entails and lets a viewer see the scene from a clear perspective.
Manhattan Beach California Drone Photo
Manhattan Beach, California drone photograph

Using Drones for Aerial Shots

As a filmmaker, you probably have some clue as to how drone technology is drastically influencing various industries, including the film industry. This cutting-edge technology provides versatile options to create intense and high-level scenes in a movie. Considering the way films engage an audience, a bird’s eye view filmed with drones sets a higher bar for quality of the entire movie, and captivates the viewers. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how it makes your film more impactful.

Compact Space Filming

Oftentimes, while filming, there will be some new, yet unreachable locations that will be a part of your movie. Especially when you’re shooting with a regular ground camera, it will be a great hassle to film at the heightened place and tight areas. But that’s not a case with a drone; using the device, you can film in small and compact spaces without going through too much of a hassle.
Venice Beach California drone photo of man skateboarding
Venice Beach, CA
As drones come in a variety of dimensions, it allows you to shoot at any space or level. This way, you will be able to add more depth to your movie and engage a wider audience.

Wider Reach

Deploying drones for aerial filming provides you with a wider view and angle, whereas on the ground you’re restricted to shooting in specific locations. As a filmmaker, you probably have some idea as to how difficult it to shoot from locations, like rivers, lakes, and sea from above ground level. This is especially true when you are using a normal ground camera, it limits you in terms of reach and you have to complete your shoot with great difficulty. Of course, you can hire a boat for filming in such areas, but drones let you film over the water in the easiest and simplest way, without causing any trouble for you. Before the technology became viable for the entertainment industry, filmmakers were restricted to ground shootings and limited aerial shots, as they had to hire expensive helicopters. Now that drones are regulated for filmmaking by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), you can captivate audiences with amazing cinematography.

The Bottom Line

Deploying drones in your filmmaking process can provide you with a number of benefits. From saving your time and cost to creating dynamic intense sequences, drones have become instrumental in filmmaking. Although there are various brands that offer UAVs, make sure to get help from credible and reliable service-providers.
Downtown Los Angeles skyline drone photo
Los Angeles, CA